Welcome to St. Giustina Library!

St.Giustina library, has been part of the ministry of cultural heritage and activities since 1972. It is a national public library sheltered by a Benedectine community and whoever is in need of a quiet place for reading and studying is welcome to enjoy its unique and charming atmosphere.
The library is particularly rich in books on religious issues, however it is furnished also with books about scientific and humanistic subjects (check the specific sections).

Not just a Library

The Library is actually located inside the Benedectine Abbey of St.Giustina, in Padua, Italy. Books have always been the limph of abbeys, according to the Benedectine Rule: "Monasterium sine Armario quasi Castrum sine Armamentario" (an Abbey without a library is like an army without weapons). Many realities count on the library support, the students of The Pastoral and Liturgical Institute are its regular readers. The institute is an academic institution which was promoted in 1966 by St. Giustina Abbey in order to deepen and promote theological and liturgical research.
St. Giustina Abbey cradles also The Liturgic Teachers and Masters Association, which in Italy gathers experts who are responsible for liturgic matters, according to the II Vatican Concil guidelines and as far as the catholic area is concerned.

On line Catalogue

Use the on line catalogue to find out if the book you are looking for is stored in St. Giustina Library or in another Library belonging to The Paduan Librarian Net : click here to access the catalogue

Wether the catalogue is kept costantly updated, there are bookswhich might not appear though they are actually stored in the library, please feel free to ask the personnel, they will be happy to help you.